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about us

our story

Chivitec Limited, the Parent Company of CREST LED LIGHTINGS, was incorporated to carry out Electrical Engineering services. Today, we have extended our service delivery portfolio to Mechanical and Civil Engineering practice.



• Medium Voltage Systems and Controls

  • Motor Control Center Panels (MCC panels)
  • Distribution Panels
  • Automatic Mains Failure (AMF panels)
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Industrial Installations (electric motors, generators, transformers, etc.)
  • Domestic Installations

• Electrical Installations

  • High Tension and Distribution Lines( Maximum 33KV Platforms)
  • Transformer/Substation installations/ constructions

• Engineering Consultancy

  • Health, Safety and Environment; Risk Analysis/ Environmental Impact Assessment of Engineering Designs
  • Development of Engineering Designs
  • Conceptual Engineering Designs

• Civil Engineering Works

  • Building Designs
  • Construction

Construction of Electrical Control Panels such as

  • Motor Control panels (MCC panels)
  • Distribution Panels
  • Automatic Mains failure (AMF panels)
  • Programmable Logic Controllers and others. . .

• Fire Protection Solutions

  • Fire Detection and Alarm Systems
  • Automatic Fire Detection and Extinguishing Systems (FM 200)
  • Fire Hydrant System and
  • Manual Fire Extinguishers

Electronic Security/Safety Systems

  • Fire Detection and Fire Fighting Systems, Lightning Protection and Earthing Systems
  • Power Protection Systems (UPS, Stabilizers, Surge Suppressors)
  • Public Address Systems, Over-voltage and Under-voltage Protection Systems
  • Burglar Alarm System, Electronic Patrol Systems, Surveillance and Access Control Systems etc

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You can be assured that our projects will be executed according to the pre-specified timeline

Fair Prices

you can be certain that your project would be executed in the most cost effective way

Qualified Agents

We have a team of specialists capable of maximizing the result and delivering the projects


We deliver our services in a professional manner that guarantees health and safety of lives, properties and environment.

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